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Comment on The Economist Management Thinking Blog

Jan 16, 2013

My comment on “Still a man’s world” by Sara Mosavi:

Hi! We need to go beyond a pure statistical analysis or judgement on the  state of diversity to some softer sides as well.

The stories ought to also cover:

What made the successful women leaders get where they are? Family support,  culture, environment, challenges et al. Each one could be an amazingly  insightful story, rather than just a statistic.

Likewise, those who really deserved it and never made it – was it the glass  ceiling or their choices or a combination of both? Life again need not be judged  on a pure SUCCESS = POSITION but success at what price?

There will be several exceptional stories of bright and talented women who  chose successful work life balance over a successful career and not so  successful personal life. Equally applies to men.

It will be fascinating to hear the life story of Ms Nooyi. To what extent did  her living in the US rather than the native country facilitate realisation of  fuller potential? The positive roles of husbands/ partners in ensuring that the  wives/ partners realise their full potential would be great too. Perhaps this  could also become a role model for many a men.

So let us get over a pure left brain approach to a more balanced one, thereby  engaging the right side of the brain as well. And look for ways to make it all  happen. Not just a statistical reality but a functional metamorphosis of our  society.

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  1. Angela Darling permalink

    Praveen has an excellent point we could all learn from others experiences good and bad of climbing the ladder.
    I think companies are still not tuning fully into women’s talents or supporting them in ways which will provide an excellent return on investment to the company. We see many large organisations now with their own gym facilities but no creche facilities. How easy would it be for young mothers to bring their young children to work and then be able to spend time with them at lunch too if they wanted. Even if employers wanted to charge for the service I am sure it would still be a welcome addition to an employees’ benefit package.
    Many companies ‘tick the box’ when it comes to having a diversity policy but when you drill down into the organisation there is very little evidence of it. It would be nice to see some new award categories when industries celebrate performance. As well as an award for the best training provider, customer service delivery etc lets have a diversity one as well. Lets hope some sponsors come forward for this soon.
    Angela Darling

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