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Diverse expressions: Actuarial = Mathematics = Pure truth!

Aug 2, 2013

After attending a recent event on insurance and risk management, in China, I wish to highlight an interesting facet on freedom of expression. The papers presented were in both Mandarin and English but eventually most of them narrowed down to actuarial arithmetic. What was most fascinating was not just the sheer diversity of papers presented but the open treatment of pain points in an evolving society.

  • A Dynamic Function Regarding the Economic Benefits for Land-loss Farmers
  • Research  on the Financial Support Capability of China’s New-type Rural Social Pension Insurance
  • Simulation Evaluation of Basic Medical Insurance Fund under the Global Prepayment System in Yunnan Province
  • The Analysis of the Demographic Dividend in Life Insurance Market under the Background of Aging
  • A Study on Pricing of Reverse Mortgage with an Embedded Redeemable Option – An Analysis based on China market
  • Questioning Moral Hazard in Agricultural Insurance : Non-Evidence from a Quasi Natural Experiment on Livestock Insurance in China
  • Impact of Accidental Expenditure on Inter-Temporal Uncertainty Decision of Household Consumption and Saving in Life-Cycle
  • Protect Institution or Protect Elderly? A Discussion about the Choice of Risk Transfer Technology for Endowment Service Institution
  • Welfare effects of compulsory liability insurance: system design, market and public opinion; analysis of compulsory insurance data based on generalized linear models
  • A Countermeasure Research on Doctor-Patient Disputes and Medical Malpractice Insurance – Aspects of Local Policies and Regulations
  • On Farmers’ Risk Avoidance Mechanism Construction in the process of the Farmland Transfer in China
  • Agricultural Insurance and the Urban-Rural Income Gap-Based on a Dynamic Panel Mode of the GMM Estimation
  • The Empirical Study on the Effect of Urbanization to Farmers’ Demand for Agricultural Insurance

Very rarely would one find such a plethora of socio-economic issues discussed at a forum. The beauty was that most of these issues, presented by academics and actuaries, had a long math tail. An actuary friend was quick to remind me that math is the most pure form of truth. Going by the analytics on diverse issues we can only but credit the hosts for the candidness, howsoever, esoteric for a non-actuary!

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