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May 15, 2016

Whilst at Maui
In Hawaii
Why must occur to me this hoo ha
About Wagah?
Defending territory
Seems a fixation since eternity
While two footed or four
Cannot crossover
The winged ones, scavengers or birds of prey
Have an unhindered cross border sway
Back in Amritsar city
You just cannot but surrender to the Temple’s mystic beauty
Land of a golden tradition
To resist any form of submission
Wanna witness a historical parallel?
Must to Mewar you got to travel
Just as gather all us spectator
Eager to watch the sound and light spectacle at Kumbhalgarh
Comes the Muezzin’s daily last call
From inside the fort’s own robust wall
Descendants of Muslim forces – who owed Pratap their loyalty
Resolute choices of this valiant Maharana brought him both – misery and glory
Fighting a central imposition
Proving you need not take sides based on religion
That bombings and strife
Has a brighter side as well, for Syrian life
Robin Yassin-Kassab and Leila Al-Shami narrate with intense passion
How local councils are running many a non-state sponsored institution-crucible for reinventing the idea of a nation?
Then on the flight to Kahului, in Maui – have besides me this Ukrainian origin family
Anna, Natalia, Svetlana and Uri
Having modest means
Does not come in the way of their American dreams
And as the names suggest, they are neither giving up on literature
Nor space adventure
Not sure what to make out of the whisper
Of a free Hawaiian state, at the Lahaina harbour
All this and lots more, whilst at gorgeous Maui
In far flung Hawaii…

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