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The Chinese-Egyptian link!

Sep 21, 2016

Several weeks after the Xian visit I was in Singapore and at a dinner talking to my friend Nimish about a possible connect between ancient China and Egypt. Pre-dating the Silk route!  Coincidentally just then I get a text from my wife Medha confirming post card from Xian had arrived, the last of the four recipients. Some remarkable timing!

A fine meal concluded with an amazing adaptation of a designer moon cake by Raffles! Yet it’s the food for thought that warmed the resolve to continue our exploration of the ancient super highway…

Back at work in Mumbai, I get this most amazing mail from Nimish. A link to an authentic paper linking the origins of the Chinese race to ancient Egyptians. Now what do you make of something like this? Nimish calls it prescient! He also promises to introduce me to a Chinese book of antiquity on the Silk Road. In the meantime, for anyone wishing to explore this theme – here is the provocation: identity/?utm_content=buffer7bb49&utm_medium=social& (Source: Foreign

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