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Rebel Girls: Way forward to reinforcing the Diversity DNA!

Jan 25, 2019

Myra, the young lady just over 4 years, wished to know first-hand as to who and why someone wanted to borrow the book dearest to her? So we met. Wide-eyed, her first question was how old am I? And I said a year older than your Dad! I could see the faint flicker of her eyebrows. Perhaps to a child at that age it does not matter how much older are you really – as long as you appear older! That is such pure innocence.

It was my turn next. Tell me Myra, I said, what happens when you read the stories from this book. Do they stay in your head or do they go back into the book? The smile turned into joyful laughter, the grip on the book eased and we were friends! I promised to return it but only after warning her that I may take some time coz am a slow reader. Very graciously and trustingly she gave me her consent.

It all started with a strong sense of curiosity. As to what narrative baby girls ought to grow on to deal with a not so diverse and inclusive world? That led me to Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls. It is important that girls understand the obstacles that lie in front of them. It is just as important that they know these obstacles are not insurmountable. That not only can they find a way to overcome them, but that they can remove those obstacles for those who will come after them, just like these great women did, say the authors Elena Favilli and Francesca Cavallo.

Why so special?

Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls is the most funded (more than one million dollars) original book in the history of crowdfunding, the astonishing number of backers from more than seventy countries, and the privilege of working with dozens of unbelievably talented female artists from all over the world – say the authors.

Each of the 100 stories is a rare treat. All you need to do is read one page. Young boys and men should not miss this experience either. I for one read about the characters and then search them on the internet (something that I could not when growing up) and watch the contemporary personalities talk or perform on the YouTube. But for this book I would not have found remarkable individuals like Xian Zhang; Sonita Alizadeh; Michaela Deprince; Mae Jemison and many more.

May these brave pioneers inspire you. May their portraits impress upon our daughters the solid belief that beauty manifests itself in all shapes and colours, and at all ages. May each reader know the greatest success is to live a life full of passion, curiosity, and generosity. May we all remember every day that we have the right to be happy and to explore wildly, remind Elena and Francesca.

I for sure would have never got to know about Nancy Wake – the Spy – had she not been Myra’s most read character! All this while the narratives that children read have been skewed and stereotyped. The female voice has been muffled, under-represented and misrepresented. When little girls like Myra read the real stories and hear the authentic voices such as this book portray and generate – they will be truly inspired to blaze their own trail.

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  1. Raghunathan V. permalink

    Sounds like a great read! And so well brought out too! Thanks!

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