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The Middle Kingdom never ceases to Amaze: Past, Present or Future!

Aug 2, 2019

Any visit to China, wherever it is, your encounters never cease to amaze. This time the CICIRM took me to Chengdu, Sichuan. It wasn’t just the ancient past but elements of the present and the future, as well, that presented themselves in the home of Taoism, Szechwan or Szechuan cuisine, Pandas and what have you!

The portal to the world heritage site

The walk through…
The site

Dujiangyan is a pretty town on the banks of the Min River, the longest tributary of Yangtze. Its world heritage site draws immense crowds. What it is best known for is an ancient irrigation system. It was originally constructed around 256 BC by the State of Qin as an irrigation and flood control project. The water management scheme is still in use today.

The ‘fish-head’ bifurcates the Min river and prevents flooding

Li Bing, the then governor of Shu for the State and his son – harnessed the river using a new method of channeling and dividing water rather than simply damming it. Till date it protects the Chengdu Plain from flooding.

The site layout

Leave a wish!

My ‘alien’ currency note caused a bit of a stir amongst onlookers!
By-lane leads to the eatery!
Here we are!
Proud heritage!
Renowned spicy Sichuan cuisine: More to come!
Pure hot!
Climate Change on the (restaurant) Wall: Time to act!
Local brands galore!
Taking charge of history!
Shop exotica!
Orange juice scores over soft drinks!
I can turn your horn into a nice comb!
Need to charge your phone? Alipay and pick one of these. Drop it at the next location!

The Panda Valley is home to Chengdu Field Research Centre. Here the Giant Pandas bred in captivity are readied to be released in the wild. An endangered past – in good safe hands of the present – ensures a secure future! The bonus comes in the form of also sighting the Red Pandas – no relatives of the black and white ones.

Cuddliest of all: Feasts on bamboo leaves but not just a vegetarian!
The Red Panda – no relative of the Giant one!

The Tami robot installed next to the Hotel front desk will very soon provide multiple assistance to the guests. Be these local attractions, details of the hotel or register guests for events. Customers will be able to interact with Tami using voice or touch screen commands. You no longer need to struggle with a Google translator to figure out what the hotel staff wishes to say or know! Tami is also expected to break into song and dance during coffee breaks.

The Hotel getting set for Tami!
Just ten years ago, outside the Hotel, this was all farmland!

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