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Covid-19 brings insurance policies for directors back into mainstream: Business Standard.

Jun 21, 2020

Enlightened buyers, particularly those with complex global exposures to litigious markets, are waking up and demanding sophisticated covers for their specific needs.

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Praveen Gupta Last Updated at June 20, 2020 23:48 IST : Companies need to learn from all that is unfolding and anticipate what is in store. The lesson is straightforward. If you are in any form of business, whether local or global, and do not have a directors and officers cover, seriously reconsider. If you have one, revisit the coverage and limits. If you do not offer them adequate protection, quality independent directors will not agree to serve on your board, if they foresee risks to their personal assets. This is a growing trend. Do not go for cheaply priced covers, avail reasonable coverage limits, and also look at all other insurances in conjunction with the D&O cover. And remember, insurance is but a part of overall risk management. There should be no trade-off.

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