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In search of influence: From rubber stamp to gold standard!

Dec 8, 2020

Times of India Blogs: December 7, 2020

In search of influence: From rubber stamp to gold standard! (

Insurers ought to be influential if they must fix the biggest risk on hand – Climate Risk! How do you bring mojo into the insurance governance space? Can the energies of once upon a time ‘can do’ frontline salesforce be transferred ‘upstairs’ to the fiduciary level? With the tremendous diversity at their disposal, can insurers be more inclusive? As governance expands into ESG, insurers not only need to urgently act on environment, be proactive and thereby gain influence. Are there any tools available within the striking distance? Corporate Governance Scorecard and Internal Carbon Pricing (CDP), two in particular that I allude to, beckon attention. Yes, insurers can be more influential, they need not be rubber stamps and must go for the gold standard of influence.

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