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Heat: Hacker hacked!

Dec 19, 2020

My TOI Blog: December 18, 2020

Heat: Hacker hacked! (

Just imagine 400,000 Hiroshima sized bombs equivalent heat being injected into Planet Earth by human activity daily. That is what this hacking is about. A serious outcome includes severe crippling of the Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (BES). 55% of global GDP is dependent on it. We may term it ecosystem collapse risk.

India will have more than its share of woes – first in the world to experience heat waves that cross survivability limit by next decade. World’s hottest Wet-bulb temperatures not only resulting into increased morbidity risk for sick and elderly but also encroaching upon the survivability threshold for healthy adults. Increased cardiovascular and neurological conditions. Needless to mention lost labour hours and its economic consequences.

Should insurers wait and ignore? Just when heatwaves too will soon have names. The choice is between an ostrich or a boiling frog. There is no scope to dismiss it as a Black Swan – when a Gray Rhino is hurtling towards us. Would you wish to neglect?

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