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Reconnecting with the past: A function of time and distance…

Jan 30, 2021
Off the busy highway, on a country road…
Through the fields. Just about where the destination is in sight and the rough track comes to a naught.
In the foothills of a volcano gone silent 500 million years ago.
Barren, taciturn, home to a firing range – yet Stoic.
The bird sounds dominate. An occasional squirrel, humans amplified, goats, buffaloes, a rooster and something tells you the ‘langurs’ are not too far.
Traces of a flightpath in a brilliant blue sky. Lo, the butterflies appear larger than whatever the aircraft that flies.
Their flutter surely does refine the air. To just the way its always been here.
The highlight today was this Kingfisher. A lone-ranger! He preys on the terrestrial worms and insects. Perhaps hates wetting the feet or the beak!
Lives somewhere in these bushes. Coz this is where it appears and disappears.
Innocent puppies in a blissful siesta! Can there be a more assured path to nostalgia?!

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