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The Sanctuary Debate!

Jun 18, 2022

June 18, 2022

The Panel in action!

Wonderful teaming up with @Meenakshi Menon and @Aarti Khosla in a spirited session, earlier this evening. Mainstreaming Insurance and converging its importance in the Climate, Biodiversity and Pollution play can be challenging. However, it is getting increasingly critical and there is a serious urgency.

Needless to mention a growing consensus, in particular, to widen the scope and meaning of environmentalism. Associated neo-capitalist stereotypes such as dystopia and doom ought to go!

Here I am tempted to quote Christian Gollier (Pricing The Planet’s Future): “It is crucial that we allocate our present sacrifices for the future in the way that maxiizes the increase in welfare of future generations”.

Congratulations @Bittu Sahgal and @Sanctuary Nature Foundation – for this memorable event.

Meenakshi Menon (to my right) and Aarti Khosla (left): brilliant debating – against the motion.

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