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Irrationally Rational: What a beautiful state of mind to be in!

Jul 3, 2022

Link to my ‘piecemeal’ review for Amazon!

After successfully experimenting with a multitude of genre, including semi-fiction and fiction – Dr. Raghunathan V – the master of #behaviouralfinance returns to his favourite turf. His masterpiece: ‘Irrationally Rational’ was released recently.

It is a must: “For those interested in how the human mind’s functioning affects markets and the economy”. And if you wish to enjoy an “enlightening journey into the work of Nobel laureates and others who have made psychology central to economics”. Or savour “fundamentals of theory of choice and behaviour through delightfully simple and accessible language” and relish “a daunting body of knowledge accessible to everyone”. Here it is!

As for me, I would also want to understand the work of the first ever woman to win a Nobel Prize in Economics – Late Elinor Ostrom. “When I started to look for a position after graduation, it was somewhat of a shock to me to have future employers immediately ask whether I had typing and shorthand skills. The presumption in those days was that the appropriate job for a woman was as a secretary or as a teacher in a grade school or high school”, recounts Elinor. Not daunted by the patriarchal ways of the American society, she worked her way through. Delighted that Raghu dedicates time and space to this brilliant mind.

Needless to mention a remarkable coincidence – seven of the ten Nobel laureates covered by Raghu have Jewish origins! (

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