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Climate change and changing insurance needs

Jan 31, 2023

Mint: January 30, 2023

Co-authord with Abhishek Bondia.

Looking after our homes and health was never so important. Unfortunately, we have some of the most polluted cities in the world. Delhi generally tops the list. Adverse natural forces have been unleased due to #biodiversityloss#pollution and #climatechange#women and #children are the most vulnerable segments. Talking about Delhi, Dwarka residents coming together to address subsidence is an inspiring story (‘PS‘).

Glad to note that Abhishek Bondia puts timely spotlight particularly on “the fast pace of climate change” and that “Delhi suffers from extremely poor #airquality for extended periods of time”. Given “the threat climate change is posing to human health is no longer theoretical but a very current, real, and multifaceted menace”, HMX – Harvard Medical School has decided to introduce Climate Change into its MD curriculum.

Professional advice, not just in the corporate commercial classes but #personalinsurance as well, can make all the difference.


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