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LOCKS, MAHABHARATA AND MATHEMATICS – An Exploration of Unexpected Parallels.

Sep 9, 2013
Some diversity!

At a conference in China recently, I was fascinated how their academicians were exploring freedom of expression the Math way. Maths, as an actuary friend proudly claimed and I wrote about it in an earlier post, is the ultimate form of truth! 

In this book, Professor Raghunathan stretches the boundaries of diversity and weaves a new genre of thought, not just writing. We all grow up with our versions of mythology, sometimes too distanced given today’s information overload. Here the author not only unlocks what’s embedded deep inside us but for the first time affords a glimpse into a rare three dimensional version – uniquely his gift. An interplay of stories, locking devices and numbers. A very courageous experiment. Do we expect the metamorphosis of a very rational left brained thinker towards the creative right?

For someone like me who is mathematically ‘challenged’, this read is surely an endeavour in my reach exceeding the grasp! And unlike the friends in China this is an experimentation in overt and not covert interpretation of truth in numbers. What next, Raghu??

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