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A postcard from Hong Kong: 1994!

Sep 21, 2019

Every spring cleaning has its rewards. One of the rewards this time around – while emptying some boxes after a hiatus of almost 22 years – was this sepia piece:

A ‘middle’ column from Indian Express, sometime in 1994!

A reaction to my transitioning from Bangkok to Hong Kong 26 years ago! After all the ‘jarajorn maak maak’ (too much traffic, as the Thais would say) – commuting in the then English colony was a welcome relief. Mainland Chinese city roads were still dominated by the bicycles. Flying in and out of Hong Kong meant Kai Tak airport. LukMaChow, across the border into neighbouring Guangdong province, was dominated by duck farms. Shenzhen was coming out of a slumber. Time does zip past…

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