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A spotlight that mainstreams Insurance into Nature & Bio-diversity!

Dec 8, 2022

December 2, 2022

Amongst the many at the recent Sanctuary Wildlife Awards 2022 I was honoured by the iconic Bittu Sahgal with a spotlight and a generous mention:


Former CEO, Insurance Risk Expert and Climate Impact Observer.

After a pioneering lifetime spent at the very top of the insurance sector, you have made it your life’s mission to wake economists, actuaries and investors who have grossly underestimated the risks posed by the climate crisis. 

Your lucid and credible communications are read by thousands which is changing the very fundamentals of risk estimation caused by cyclones, floods, droughts, crop failures, landslides and even future pandemics. Human rights and ecological justice sectors have begun carrying your message to those most affected… the victims young and old, and investors who now hesitate to throw money into stranded infrastructure projects. You are making a phenomenal difference”.

In doing so, with a single stroke, Bittu mainstreamed Insurance into the world of Nature and Biodiversity. Something long overdue. Over 4.3 billion people, more than half the world’s population, depend upon #biodiversity for their livelihoods. They are among the most impacted by climate change. Insurers must focus on the good they can do rather than aid and abet the loss of nature and biodiversity…

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